Endgame #2

•December 30, 2009 • 1 Comment

Ok.  I think I’m done with this blog.  My Italian, overwrought journey of self-discovery is complete.  And it’s time for me to write the book. (It’s called “EAT”…look for it next year)

And, I feel great.

I’ve got more confidence, as evidenced by the 3 phone numbers I’ve gotten, the two random hookups I’ve acquired, and the ability to actually wear items from Urban Outfitters without a sense of irony, and with the mythical “M” tag on them…

I can even cook.  When I feel like it.

Unfortunately, I feel that any continuing discourse from my relatively uninteresting and boring life here in Atlanta sullies the fabulousness and uniqueness that was my time in Italy.  Quite frankly, thinking about my time there makes me sad and happy at the same time, which is confusing to my already addled brain…


So, I’m moving my blog (and the random rated R posts) to here: manhunting.wordpress.com

Therein (when I have time to write thanks to my slave-driving job, no like literally I’m a slave…), you’ll find my usually humourous misadventures in the American dating/hookup world.  For example, the guy who expressed surprised that I was neither straight-edge, nor did I have any tattoos– as though this was simply to be expected.  Or, the guy whose nickname was “Wolfcub,” and who was neither a wolf, nor cub.  But, I suppose it sounds sexier than “Oldfatbear.”

It’ll be funny….and dirty…

Will I find another Michele?  Only time will tell…


I’ll also be reviewing various self-help books (such as “Finding the Boyfriend Within”) just because I think they are hilarious and just wrong.

I’ll post more recipes and random non-man-related stuff here, so subscribe via email (to the right) if you want updates.


Genova – Part 1

•January 5, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Oops.  I almost forgot to post about my last weekend in Italy. ..

There have been only two other times when I had what I would consider “fantastic” day-long dates.  All of them occurred while on vacation and away from Atlanta for a variety of reasons….

There was the Seattle guy, whose name escapes me and I can’t remember how I met him, but who gave me a lovely tour of Seattle.   We started with an espresso at B&O Espresso,  then we read books together on Alki Beach, ate at the Public Market, walked around the city and ended up watching the sunset from the top of the Space Needle.  Then we went back to his condo and “watched a movie.”  It was very sweet and very fun, but also strange because we both knew we’d never see eachother again.

The second ‘date’ was on a solo visit to Portland.  I met a guy at a bar by my hotel the first night I was there.  Though this time we began with the “watching a movie” part, the rest was quintessentially Portland.  Yet more espresso in the morning, discussing books at the giant book store, touring the Japanese garden, and riding bikes down the waterfront, eating something vegan I think, talking about art, and then yet more “watching movies.”  I actually would have stayed in contact with him…but he was just a bit too attached to his cats…it was odd.

My point of course being that Genova was just ridiculous.  I’m talking looking at the world through rose-colored-glasses ridiculous.  It was the perfect end to my time.

I stayed at Michele’s the night before, since the train was at 8 am.  I’m not gonna lie.  Michele’s got skills.  As in, Daniel was exhausted the next day and could barely walk skills.  Part of the problem was that I had gotten in the habit of staying up until 4 am writing or watching American movies online, since I decadently slept in everyday thanks to all my lessons being in the afternoon.  So, when laying in bed wide awake and bored…I needed activities to keep me occupied.

Anyway.  The early morning train ride was somber and relaxing.  It was like being on the Hogwart’s Express since the fog was super thick and it looked like the train was floating through the air with the occasional tree or farmhouse visible.  We listened to Michele’s remarkably eclectic iPod, and I ate my little Nutella tart MD gifted me with…

At this point, I was quite done with Turin’s fogginess and cloudiness.  The train wound it’s way around mountains and through tunnels.  And then….BAM!  I had to shield my eyes as we came out of the last tunnel and headed towards the city station.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, just a gorgeous sun streaming down upon the glittering sea.


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Yeah, I know, Christmas is great and all…. I feel like I should be more excited, but I’m just not.  I’m more excited by my new “Sexy Daniel” underwear.  Now, in addition to the pairs I bought in Italy, I have enough sexy undies to last two whole weeks…or 14 hookups, whichever comes first.   Goodbye ugly GAP underwear, hello wide variety of hotness!

Speaking of hookups….

Sex, Money, & Work.

•December 19, 2009 • 1 Comment

Ok, I’m just going to admit it.  Manhunt.net is like crack for one’s self-esteem.  I’m never going to a bar ever again.  It is of course sorely lacking in Europeans, but one can’t have all they want for Christmas I suppose.

On another note, I am rather pleased by the warm reception to my decision to not buy a bunch of crap for the holiday, and for people to definitely not buy anything for me.  I hate it.  It’s akin to exchanging 20 dollar bills. I can buy my own presents thanks.  (Curse you Urban Outfitters, and your silky smooth t-shirts…!)

On yet another note, a Sbux manager asked me to come work for them.  If any of you see me, please stab me in the eye directly into my frontal cortex, swirl your dagger around again to ensure the success of my lobotomy, remove the implement, and then send me on my way.  Such a lobotomy is needed because I actually thought about it for more than my self-allotted 1.5 seconds of my life I said I would ever spend on the company again.