Daniel’s Good Day

[This post originally was a “Note” on Facebook, because I hadn’t yet thought of doing a blog yet. Since it is technically the very first piece of writing in regards to my trip to Torino (the two favorite people are MD and FS, and the decision to come here was the impetus for the good day), I’ve included it here (and back-dated it) so as to be part of the beginning of the writing experience.]

Why did Daniel have a good day today? Well, let’s see:

1. I graduated to double-unders
2. I beat two Tabata scores, after feeling weak for two weeks
3. I feel powerful and strong
4. I’ve seen amazing transformation in the kids in the teen program, mirroring my own
5. I woke up like a normal person at 9:30 AM, without the helpful drones of either landscaping or garbage collection
6. This “early” rise allowed me to eat at Thumbs Up Diner, and have an omelet with my new book
7. I started a fun new book, “The Know-it-all”
8. Six people said I look good
9. I feel good
10. I’ve hung out with one of my favorite people twice in one month, which is a new record
11. I’ve consciously made time to hang out with my favorite people (it’s a marathon though)
12. A dear friend is now a coworker
13. I didn’t work today
14. Star Trek was VERY entertaining. The casting director should get a share of the profits
14.5 The guy at the theater who kept jangling his keys every five minutes should have infuriated me, but didn’t
15. I, at last, have a plan for my life, at least until December
15.5. Said plan allows me to go to my favorite place on Earth, replete with two of my favorite people attached
16. I realized that 5 year plans can go fuck themselves
17. Nella is coming tomorrow-ish!
18. I drank watermelon juice
19. I learned how to upload photos to facebook, all of which brought back happy memories
20. I found my camera
21. I found my “Once More with Feeling” CD and it has been playing nonstop
22. I finished Season 2 of “Skins” which is an awesome show
24. I’m very intrigued by an email I received
23. I’m thankful I had a good day
25. Ha! I realized that this is kinda like that 25 things note, but less douche-baggy


~ by Daniel on May 15, 2009.

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