Torino update numero uno

[This post originally was a “Note” on Facebook, because I hadn’t yet thought of doing a blog yet. Since it is technically the second piece of writing on my trip to Torino, I’ve included it here (and back-dated it) so as to be part of the beginning of the writing experience.]

1. traveling by plane sucks. Please remind me to never fly overnight again, because I clearly cannot sleep on planes, and 2 hours of sleep out of 48 is not cute.
2. My new roommate is AWESOME , even though half the time i have no idea what she is saying 🙂
3. I love walking everywhere and so far have not missd my car, i do however miss cable modems…
4. Italian is hard but i can usually understand what people are saying unless they ask me a question and then it is “deer in headlights”
5. Italians still wear fannypacks…i chuckle every time…because they are still hot even with them
6. My first english lesson is friday!
7. The weather here has been cold and drizzly. Add that to the big hill i walk up, and it reminds me a lot of seattle
8. I miss you guys!
9. The pizza and gelato is just as good as i remember
10. I am totally stealing this internet access from an internet point someone forgot to log out of…i only feel un’poco ashamed… ha!
11. I’m off to find chocolate to eat…ciao!
12. I’ve lost some “daniel phelps , world traveller” points because i forgot to bring a plug adapter…


~ by Daniel on September 12, 2009.

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