Day 4

Okay, I am finally beginning to feel normal. Awake at 9 AM! Off to the centre of Turin for some emailing and coffee! [Expressing pleasant surprise that my Diesel jeans had become noticeably looser than when I had bought them! …hmmm…] Then it’s back to the apartment for a siesta thanks to the ever-present rain. When I awoke, at last the sun had come out and was streaming into my open window shades, and what a lovely stereotypical Italian sun it was, reflecting off the nearby stuccoed buildings like sheets of gold. I even went for a jog along the Po river (two blocks from my apt.)!


I have discovered I truly adore “city living” and with each passing day, I think my attachment to Atlanta diminishes. I like walking to a river, a supermarker, a gelato shop, a cafe, shopping, bars, dance clubs, etc etc….all just a ten minute walk away. That being said, the River Po does alternate between smelling like sweaty feet and dog poo….but even I can romanticize the hell out of it… Today was more panini and gelato Gianduia and crostini with olive oil, tuna, and tomatoes (made myself, but without cooking of course)…and maybe 4 or 5 (or 12) of CR’s chocolate balls… and maybe a bottle of wine…. Tomorrow is “Parigi on the Via Po”– some sort of festival in Piazza Vittorio which should be interesting…


~ by Daniel on September 17, 2009.

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