Life, Love, and Sex?

Ah yes, at last, a little bit of the juicy stuff.

Tonight (somehow) I have snagged my first two dates with Italians. Alas, my favorite, Filippo, has vanished form the “chat-o-sphere,” so I must make do.

One date at 7pm with a factory worker named Dennis, and one at 9:30pm with Gabriele, who works as a gay activist and an archivist of some sort.

We shall see if I have become the different person I was planning on becoming….

The porticoes of the Via Po of Turin are coming alive as I walked here to type away! There is an art festival of sorts, and nearly every shop has a “Paris-like” display outside their doors, and red carpets unfurled to the street. The festival runs until midnight, so I will have plenty of time to see it after any dalliances I pursue…. Maybe there will be crepes, as my plan of living off of .90euro espressos, free breadsticks, 3.00 glasses of wine, and cigarettes is wearing quite thin.


~ by Daniel on September 18, 2009.

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