New Beginnings and Old Habits

So last night:
a. I met two men for two separate dates, which is certainly a first
b. I was not a blathering idiot, and quite frankly I feel that I was quite charming!

And yesterday morning:
c. I went to the gym, and managed to figure out what was going on
d. I even showered at the gym, which I usually avoid at all costs…

I was smiling most of the evening actually, the festival was quite humorous, especially since I saw it twice.

the flag

the flag

um...a strange "french" fashion show



I guess italians really enjoy walking and talking because that is what I did with both Dennis and Gabriele. I was oh so very charming, but, I think I am more of an amusement perhaps, because neither of them made so much as a subtle move other than the two cheek kiss goodbye. Perhaps Italians move even slower than Americans. Thanks, Catholicism! I did not mind, though I am certainly in the mood for a makeout session…

Tomorrow, I have a breakfast (!!!) date with Artur, a Polish guy living in Italy! Interessante…

Yesterday morning, I awoke to the sounds of VERY LOUD house music thanks to my frantically cleaning roommate! She took me to the Palestra (gym) for a “BodySculpt” class. It was harder than I thought it would be. The instructor was ridiculously ripped and hot. What I noticed (besides the lack of air-conditioning leaving me in a deep pool of sweat) most of all, was that he moved ridiculously gracefully, almost like a modern dancer, with deliberate motions of his arms. I have never seen such a thing in the classes at American gyms, where the instructors move semi-robotically most of the time….it was fascinating. I am looking forward to the “boot camp” class on Monday. Apparently, my gym is the Ansley Mall [Atlanta’s “gay central”] of gyms in Turin, but I absolutely cannot tell if an italian is gay or not. I need them to have a rainbow tattooed on their forehead or something….


~ by Daniel on September 19, 2009.

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