the real deal

To make up for my shameful attempt at an antipasti…I went to Cafe Mood tonight for aperitivi…as you can see below, it both looks better and was delicious….*sigh*

Roasted potatoes, gorgonzola, brie, black olives, and a cheesy quiche thingy, hardboiled eggs, with all you can eat breadsticks and a drink for only 6 euro! Magnifique!


“Aperitivi” is this ridiculously fabulous “happy hour” (usually from 6:30pm-9:00pm) here in Turin and in many other Italian cities. Word on the street though is that Turin has the best ones, and the most for your money. There will be a megapost at some point on this phenomenon because it’s literally my dinner most nights. For anywhere from 4 euro to 12 euro, you get both a drink AND an all-you-can-eat buffet of appetizers!! Some are better than others, ranging from chips and dip to full-on pasta dishes, pizza, cheese, meats, quiche, etc etc. It’s quite easy to get very full, and if you time it right, you definitely don’t need to eat dinner later. Oh how I wish the bars in America could pull this off. It makes me sad that I’m quite certain that various genres of loud drunk fat Americans (and perhaps the homeless) would abuse this classy social eating time.

And, since I promised some man posts as well…

I chipped a tooth yesterday, and of course it’s my front tooth. Claudio, the hotel worker, has volunteered to take me to his dentist on Friday. Though I certainly will need a translator at what will surely be a very enjoyable visit to an Italian dentist, such an offer of niceness, especially from someone I have yet to meet in person is slightly disconcerting. However will I repay him…. I am making MD come with me in case he is an axe murderer….

Also, even in Italy, people type with all CAPS on. I know you are 37, but really, you should know better….


~ by Daniel on September 22, 2009.

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