Turd Pasta.

Strozzapreti al pesto

Strozzapreti al pesto

Here we have lunch for today: “Strozzapreti al pesto,” which I thought was some form of “stronzo” which means turd, but instead it means “priest choker” which is just as fun. Basically it’s a hand rolled pasta with a simple pesto sauce. It is amusing to me how “american” pesto is clearly chock full of sugar and other things, whereas here, it has maybe 4 ingredients and has a nutty mouthfeel…(oh yes, I said mouthfeel)

Speaking of turds….let’s discuss the world of online dating for a moment. So, clearly since I speak very little Italian, and the chances of me walking into a gay disco a striking up a conversation and then walking out with a man are pretty slim (especially with a chipped tooth), I continue to choose the online route. In this day and change, I feel it gives the most options in the shortest amount of time. All things considered, it is nearly exactly like the world of American online dating, with perhaps a slightly higher “air of desperation” to it. Just as in America, I’ve found that persons online are just a tiny bit damaged….You know, like minus a few social graces, perhaps just a bit chubby, lacking in self-esteem, height, etc. tempered by the world of people looking just for sex, with their dick pix, washboard abs, and various come hither poses.

[random note to self, do NOT drink your espresso when it has gotten cold. Don’t be stupid. Just drink it when you first get it.]

So I’m aiming for the “middle of the barrell”– someone close to being normal, but not necessarily, and one willing to have sex reasonably soon since I don’t have the time to court you for two months before we get in the sack. So far, notsomuch luck, just people at either extremes, but there are people like myself, who are using it for a convenient social outlet, so I have hope.

That being said, hours of entertainment have been provided by the screen names Italians come up with. Here is a short list that I will expand upon I’m sure.

manboy65 (there are many permutations of “manboy” for some reason)
RAGAXCAMIONISTI (i just put this one cause I have no idea what it means)
nicekidintown (indeed, his pic is of his butt)
BISEXTORINO28 (this one is to remind myself to post about the ridiculous number of italian bisexuals)
Crocodile Dundee


~ by Daniel on September 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Turd Pasta.”

  1. Dadthebest??? was that followed by Psychologisttosolveyourissues42? Raga? I’m pretty sure that today’s crazy kids use “raga” for ragazzo or ragazza.

  2. and in this case I’d think that ragazzo and ragazza might be interchangeable. 🙂

    Sooo, I’m longing for some cooking challenges. I think it might be time to cook for Maura and Francesco, and have them weigh in on the results.

  3. I agree with David-except we’ll hide Mr Control Issues (Francesco) in the other room while you cook.

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