Turkey and the mysterious onion….

Ok, so I attempted to make turkey, with spinach, pancetta, onion, toasted pine nuts, garlic and rosemary with a white wine reduction. At the end of the night…it just tasted like lots of spinach with some turkey pieces stuck in it. I also burned the pine nuts while toasting them…so I could only use half of them. Perhaps it was the combination of using canned spinach and dried rosemary…I dunno. Also, here is a photo of the kitchen I destroyed while making it. I did not, however, burn the olive oil and ruin yet another pan, so I feel that this is a step in the right direction.



As with the men…perhaps some lessons aren’t being learned. Or, I’m learning that my prudish outer layer (my layer of “blue ice” as someone pointed out once), that I thought was hiding a carnal monster just waiting to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting Italian male masses, runs thicker than expected. I was all gung-ho for a threesome last night, which unfortunately was canceled (thanks to Italian flakiness), but was easily able to turn down a bit of afternoon delight in a hotel room with someone else today. Apparently, I actually have to know the person, or at least had a drink with them first. This bodes ill for the prospects of copious anonymous sex..but perhaps that’s just how I’m built. I will keep trying to peel back the layers of my “id” if you will, in order to finally release the inhibition…. I’m just like an onion…a big sexy icy onion.


~ by Daniel on September 28, 2009.

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