Cuisine a la Roommate

The roommate had a friend in town from Puglia this past weekend, and she chose to demonstrate her culinary skills quite nicely…and I was luckily able to partake. The recipes so far from what I could cull from watching her cook (and have any hope of replicating) are below.

pine nuts
pecorino cheese
olive oil
garlic (well, the roommate doesn’t use garlic because she can’t digest it, but…I like it so it’s going in)

grind everything in a food processor until it looks and tastes like pesto.

Zucca Cake Thingies
Half of a big round squash (or pumpkin type thing)
asiago, parmesan, fontina cheese
olive oil

scrape out the zucca flesh and chop it up in a food processor with the first two cheeses. form it into balls and heat in a pan with olive oil, with a slice of cheese on top

Frittata Verdura
Verdura (greens)
olive oil
4-5 eggs
parmesan cheese
cremeza (weird but delicious spreadable cheese)

Cook a bunch of green stuff. Mix the green stuff with eggs and cheeses. Heat a pan coated in olive oil until hot and pour everything in. Fold in the sides as it heats on low, and cover. Halfway through cooking, flip it in an impossible to replicate move using the lid of the pan. Remove when it no longer looks wet and is browning.

Tuna and Beans
A big can of tuna (preferably in olive oil, not water, otherwise, drain and add the oil)
A big can of beans (or fresh beans soaked and cooked)
balsamic vinegar or gel

Ok, so this one has an Italian name I’m sure, but I don’t know it. It is chock full of protein and good fats and ridiculously easy to make, especially if you have cans. You heat up the beans, add the tuna and balsamic, stir, and eat.

~ by Daniel on October 5, 2009.

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