Dr. Sax (Part 2)

The third rejection (Dan #2) was less of a rejection, and more a “Really? Seriously?” type of moment.

I was invited to go ice skating by Dan at the same rink used for the Winter Olympics. Clearly this was quite exciting, at least until I realized it would take two buses and nearly an hour traveling through freezing cold temperatures to reach this lovely rink. But, I thought at the very least it would be an interesting experience. So, not only was Dan 30 minutes late, the rink was CLOSED. It was closed for some sort of association meeting, to which Dan was invited. (Keep in mind that he and I had already had a chuckle about my two buses…) Now, I have selfish moments, and I have moments where I may not think about another person’s feelings or situation. But, in this case, saying “oops, I’m sorry, I have to go to this meeting” left me speechless. So, back on the first bus to get home, I get an SMS: “sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry.” To which I replied: “You’re an asshole….and you aren’t 5’9″ ” I wasn’t proud of myself, but I was consoled by a trip to McDonalds…

But, dear readers, let’s talk about height for a moment. You know what?…you can lie quite easily about weight, it’s not that big a deal. People can look exactly the same, but weigh completely differently based on all kinds of factors. Most of the time, a photo is enough to decide whether or not the weight is really an attractiveness issue. But really, I was born (thank you again, baby jesus) exactly 6 feet tall. I’m going to know if you are only 5’9″ in your dreams, or only when you are wearing 4″ heels… Especially in a country where the average height is nowhere near America’s, just be honest. Lie about something else…

So that was last week’s obnoxious parade of men, minus two or three I probably forgot….

….like Alessandro who was a very cute art restorer but pissed me off because he sent me on my merry way in the freezing cold at Midnight, 5 minutes before the last bus, and in a not very nice part of town . Now, I am well aware of the fact that I’m basically your trick for the evening, and it’s quite possible that if I was Italian I would steal your wallet on my way out your door at 4 in the morning, but, I’m not Italian….and you have a car…please oh please drive my ass home! And I’m quite cuddly! I have references! Just let me stay over…geez…


~ by Daniel on October 20, 2009.

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