Grazie, Farmacia…

Ok, all is well in my world at last… farmacia

Though, when I get back home and must suffer through the boredom and over-marketing that is the CVS or Kroger Pharmacies, I will think back fondly on the Italian version, the Farmacia! First of all, it’s like walking into Bloomingdales– mirrored walls, dark-hued velvet-lined cabinets, shelves stocked with every box and bottle perfectly aligned, and overly-helpful workers in white lab coats eager to sell you 400 euro worth of stuff. I felt like I was buying some Marc Jacobs, not an anti-diarrheal… Luckily, there are universal signs for “upset tummy” without the great need for a lot of spoken Italian. I also enjoyed the Italian embrace of homeopathic remedies– they’re stocked right alongside the regular stuff. I was given not only chemical-packed pills but also some sort of bacterial culture I was supposed to drink three times a day. Whatever it was, it worked in less than 24 hours, and we’re back in business! Next time, I’m going to test out the rumor that you can just walk up and ask for Xanax or Ambien…I hate planes…and I love sleeping!


~ by Daniel on October 22, 2009.

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