Dr. Sax (Part 4) – in which I finally write about the disco

Ah yes, I almost forgot to write about my all night disco experience at “Dr. Sax”….

Apparently two famous Russian DJs were coming to town that the roommate was very excited about. I, of course, had never heard of them, since I don’t generally listen to deep house music…or go to discos…or stay up until 7 am in the morning dancing…

But, I had promised myself to say yes to every new experience on this trip, and this certainly counted. After aperitivo at the “Butterfly Lounge” at the bar Tribeca, and getting more than a little tipsy on cosmopolitans, we walked down to the “Murazzi” on the River Po. The Murazzi is quite fascinating! There are what can best be described as caves in the walls on either side of the Ponte Vittorio Emanuale I that were once used for boat storage. They have since been converted into various bars and discos, whose peak business, during the summer especially, is at 6 AM!

I remember praising the baby jesus that Dr. Sax was air-conditioned… There were so many people crammed into quite a small space (a space that beyond oozed hipness) that it was necessary, even though it was well below 50 degrees outside. I kept trying to think of anything I had been to like it, and the best I could come up with was the East Side Lounge, if it was in a brick-lined cave on the banks of a big river. The music was pretty basic I thought…and easy to dance to, and everyone had a good time. One of the drawbacks of being in a cave of course is that you have no idea what time it is. I eventually left when my eyes started getting a little droopy, and dragged my leaden legs home (thankfully, I live VERY close to this bridge!) where I glanced at a clock and realized it was 7 AM! Italians know how to party…. I, however, slept most of the next day, and couldn’t move my legs thanks to dancing so much. But, it was worth it. You can get a sense of the space from the pics below that I borrowed from Facebook…. I’m even in a few of them…but I’ll never tell….


~ by Daniel on October 26, 2009.

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