Uomini Tre….a compare and contrast novella…with booty at the end. (Part 1)

But first, another ultra-fascinating fact about Italian culture. Generalizing from the interactions with my students, they do not learn “The Five Paragraph Essay” in school. At least, it isn’t drilled into their heads like it was when I went to high school.

Here also is a special shout out to Enrico and Caroline, my two favorite baristas at Mood Caffe, where 99.9% of this blog and my book are being written thanks to their free wireless. Alas, they will never see this blog, nor do they understand English..but I love them so!

I was going to write this post, comparing my interactions with 3 Italian men on the same day, in a five paragraph format, just for kicks, but, I’m going to be honest, I’ve had too much Chianti, resulting in this ridiculously long and fabulous sentence that contains too many commas, so I am just going to attempt to write it normally and with as few misspellings as possible. Warning: There are various allusions to sexual activity at the end.

At last, I (finally) achieved second date status with an Italian. It was rather unexpected (as in, the phone call woke me up and I had to pretend I had been awake a while) because the date hadn’t been confirmed and so far every Italian that discussed a second date with me promptly forgot about it. Michele isn’t exactly my first choice of who I would want to see again, but proved very effective in what I wanted to accomplish on Sunday. I’m not going to lie, I’m working the Michele angle hard-core. I know it’s not love at first sight, but, if he wants to take me on a weekend trip to explore the Venice Biennial, who am I to say no?

We met for an outdoor lunch since it was unseasonably warm, especially given how freezing it’s been lately. I attempted some stilted conversation, but in the end resorted to my usual tactic: “Oh please tell me more about Turin…” which usually leads to a good hour of information from most residents. What I like about Michele is that he is actually quite knowledgeable, especially about art and Torinese history, and the upcoming contemporary art exhibitions.
So, we walked around the city and eventually decided (well, I decided, without really giving another option….but when around someone with an automobile, I get selfish because I hate riding the bus long distances) to drive to Castello di Rivoli.


First of all, the Castello is an absolutely stunning contemporary art museum, that anyone who likes the genre simply must visit. It’s a half finished castle sealed and refurbished into a brilliant home for various installations. I think it has surpasses the Villa Borghese as my favorite museum in the world. It was cute how excited Michele became at the entrance to every room and how he enjoyed telling me (in MUCH detail) about all the artists. Though exhausting at times, especially because the only artist I recognized from my many visits to other contemporary museums was Claes Oldenburg. Back in Torino, we ate aperitivi at Caffe Norman, a lovely cafe from the 40’s. We stood at the bar to eat, but if you sit at a table, the waiter brings a ginormous plate full of various aperitivi, and easily enough to serve 6 people. It’s insane, but I forgot to take a picture of it… I may have lied about having to meet my roommate for dinner later, because quite frankly I knew I had a sexdate later, and I think a nine hour date, including lunch, two museums, dinner, and gelato is simply quite enough for one day….and I had two more men on the agenda…..


~ by Daniel on October 27, 2009.

One Response to “Uomini Tre….a compare and contrast novella…with booty at the end. (Part 1)”

  1. Ok, daniele, Michele seems like a catch! The lesbian in me is screaming “move in!!!”

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