This is why I’m hot (#2)


Yes, dear readers, when left to my own devices, this is what I end up with for dinner. Mashed potatoes.

In my defense, these were ridiculously delicious mashed potatoes that I then felt the need to write up because I was so proud of myself.

Daniel’s “I’m Poor and threw some shit together” Chunky Mashed Potatoes

Parmesan Cheese (or whatever kind you want)
Olive oil (of course)
A little salt
Parlsey (if you feel like it)
Onions (I didn’t have any onions, but I imagine it would taste good)

Ok, so I cheated. If you happen to be in Italy, I cheated and bought the potatoes from Santa Rita Girrarrosti. If you are unfamiliar with this place I feel sorry for you because it makes me go “ymmmggummhmhuhuhhg” whenever I walk past. They have very sneaky marketing. Big signs with pictures of various fried things on them, a big window through which you can watch your chicken rotating and grilling, and the crowning glory, a big pan of cooking potatoes BENEATH the twirling chickens, soaked in chicken grease and butter…..

So, I cheated and bought a big bag full of these potatoes. I imagine you could replicate it somehow at home, but I don’t really care. Maybe you can follow this guy’s recipe .

Anyway, cook the pancetta (as much of it as you want) in the olive oil, just like when you made Carbonara. Cook some onions too, or whatever else you want in your damn food.

Grate a whole bunch of cheese on top of your potatoes. Pepper to taste if you like. Be careful adding salt though, pancetta can be pretty salty. Add rosemary, I prefer the dried kind for this one.

Mash the potatoes as much as you want. I prefer mine chunky, and without cream or whatever people add to theirs…you’re about to dump hot bacon and oil on ’em, so I think cream is a bit overkill.

Dump your pancetta and olive oil and whatever else on your potatoes (microwave them again if you need to since you carried them home in the FREEZING cold this evening and they might have chilled a bit) and stir and mash as needed.

Enjoy with a bottle of wine.. or 2.. Wake up 12 hours later from your carb coma.

Join FitWit* to work off those calories so you can eat the leftovers the next day.

*Um, yes, you’ve seen some of what I eat. Join FitWit if you live in Atlanta. It’s the best thing I ever did. And now I’m hot AND I can eat pasta and gelato everyday without gaining a pound….


~ by Daniel on October 28, 2009.

One Response to “This is why I’m hot (#2)”

  1. hmmmm….what to say??? First, the HOT dude with the dark hair and beard? Gay? Gay? That would seem impossible. I’m not sure how you manage to sleep at random houses…I’ve done the walk of shame more than one time, but the taxi/bus ride of shame…?? hahahaha
    Fitwit? Gotta look that one up.
    Keep it up Daniel, I’m thoroughly enjoying it..

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