Walk like an Italian (#2), or Eff me now please.

[Below is an addendum to the post “Walk Like an Italian“]

Yes, it’s true that Italians walk with a purpose, even if they are just going to the bathroom in the other room. HOWEVER, there is also a small subset of Italians that walk with a weird gait reminiscent of John Travolta’s “Tony Mareno.” I’m talking about arms out from the body, shoulders swinging left to right, slightly bowlegged, and with a slight bounce… This is amusing to walk behind of course, especially given the wonders that Italian underwear and jeans perform upon the rear end.

What I also find simply delicious (and impossible to describe, but think “James Dean”) is the way Italian men simply lean against a wall, sit on a bench, or pour themselves into a bus seat like olive oil into a spoon….I mean…just eff me now please.

And, this post also gives me an excuse to post random photos of James Dean as evidence….*sigh*


~ by Daniel on October 29, 2009.

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