Focaccia Pugliese (Part 1)

Yet another guest-blogged post!  This one from Francesco, maker of delicious food from the Puglia area, and loving Italian husband of the MD.  This is translated more or less from his broken English and with MD’s help.

Get out your Carb-Comfy  Pants!™   You’re gonna need ’em…


400 grams semolina flour and 400 grams white flour (not self-rising)
10 oz. warm water
1.5 tbsp sugar
a cube of CAKE YEAST
coarse salt
olive oil

Dump the flour in a big bowl and make an indentation in the middle.


fancy flour bag


Dissolve the sugar in the water, and then crumble up the yeast and mix in the water. Pour into the indentation.100_1497

Add the ground up potatoes


Mix with a wooden spoon until dough-like.


Cover bowl with cloth and a puffy winter jacket (for heat retention I think) and let stand for 3 hours to rise. Try to ignore the weird alcohol smell associated with said rising yeasty bread.   Fool around on the internet and make snarky comments on other people’s blogs for three hours waiting for dough to rise.

(After eating said focaccia later in the evening, become comatose with satiation, and forget your SD card at your friend’s house.  Part 2 may be awhile…sorry!)


~ by Daniel on November 2, 2009.

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