Polpetta di Pollo

Today’s installment is a first by guest blogger MD! who, unlike me, can actually cook and knows how to use a food processor.  Here, she makes some ridiculously tasty meatballs, with crispy outsides and moisty-delicious-meaty-goodness insides.

Chicken Meatballs

Dried out bread

A little bit of milk

Chicken breasts



Parmesan cheese



Food Processor


mix some stuff (said stuff being chunks of chicken breast and mortadella*) up in a food processor


do something with bread (you obviously have some stale bread** in the house.  Why not soak it in some milk until it’s moist again?)


mmmm ground up meaty goodness


basil (but chop it up)


boiled and smashed (really smashed) potato…


the ingredients (the meat, an egg, the basil, the potato, some salt and why not add a fat spoonful of grated parmesan cheese…sarà più saporito***!!!)


action shot (mix just until combined-nobody likes a tough meatball)


makin’ the balls (let’s say golf-ball sized and slightly flattened)



fryin’ the balls (coat these babies in bread crumbs and fry until firm and golden deliciousness has been achieved)


Buon appetito!!!!

*mortadella-Yes, it’s really just fancy bologna (don’t tell the Italians I said that, but it’s true).  You’ll need about 1/4lb and chop it up with about 2 small chicken breasts-DO NOT BE CHEAP AND USE CHICKEN THIGHS-NASTY!)

**Any kind of bread will work, just make sure it’s dried-out and you’ll want about 2-3 slices soaked in just enough milk-think soft milky bread, but not a bowl of soup.

***più saporito-the phrase that pays in Italian cooking which means “more flavorful”.


~ by Daniel on November 2, 2009.

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