Focaccia Pugliese (Part 2)

Part one is here.   When I am less “pigro,” I’ll combine them….




grease a (any good dark metal pan with enough depth will do) pan with olive oil



lightly spread out the dough into your pan.  Roll it out as evenly as possible (the dough is sticky as hell and while  it’s a challenge, it’s worth it!!).



Traditionally, the only toppings are salt, tomatoes, and oregano, but here he’s also added anchovies and olives.  (Thank the baby jesus, yet again, for the part of the pizza that Francesco left anchovy-free for me!).

Squeeze the small tomatoes over the dough to flatten the tomatoes and to release their juices. Press the tomatoes into the dough gently so they don’t sit on top and burn, but don’t press down so much that you make holes in the focaccia base.  Sprinkle the pizza with salt (F. uses plain old table salt, if you want sea or kosher, that’s fine, just be careful with the quantity) and oregano.   Bake in the center rack of the oven at 350 degrees  for approximately 40-45 minutes.   Keep an eye on it!  Once complete, it will have a gorgeous golden brown color, with a quite crispy top and bottom, and a more moist airy center.



Note  the skillful use of scissors as kitchen implement! (Also a fine choice for cutting pizza)

Eat focaccia.  Take a nap.  Repeat.

Thanks Francesco!


~ by Daniel on November 6, 2009.

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  1. That looks amazing.

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