Rainy Days

I may have mentioned how the weather here in Turin is basically the same as Seattle’s.  This is good in a variety of ways: the city doesn’t smell (unless you step in dog poop), it washes away said dog poop on the sidewalks, there are enough porticoes to avoid most of it, it isn’t a muggy rain, when one is bored on a Sunday because everything is closed–it’s easier to sleep in very very late, etc.  Of course, there are drawbacks: it can be bone-fuckin-chilling cold, buses tend to not run on time, so you must pray for a covered bus stop, people have no problem stabbing your eye out with their umbrellas, and it also happens to rain for two weeks straight at a time.

But, it also makes people feel the need to be all warm and cuddly.  My cellphone has been lighting up for two days with various and sundry men coming out of the woodwork, some of them appearing from the very beginning.  I’ve heard from both the vanished Filippo and Gian, a new one named Giuseppe, I have a date with Michele today (at Artissima), yet another shopping ‘date’ with Mauri, tickets to a Depeche Mode concert on the 26th, an Opera on the 4th, and apparently a visit to my first sex club this Saturday.

This sounds rather busy, and it actually is considering I have even more students now, but it also depends on two things.  A) the Italians not being flaky and B) me feeling motivated enough to get out of the house on these rainy days (mi piacciono..Agatha Christie and a blanket..).  But, in theory, the blog should get interesting as my count-down to coming back home to Atlanta commences.


~ by Daniel on November 8, 2009.

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