You can’t handle this…

Oh yes, delicious dinner.  Even here in glorious Italy can my inner white trash rear its ugly head.  There’s nothing like using some “po’ man’s gravy.” It’s simple.  Put water in a pot.  Heat it up some.  Add some hot dogs (called Wurstel here, but still a hot dog).  When the water is boiling, put some pasta in it (in this case ravioli with squash). Dig box out of trash because you forgot to see how long to cook the pasta.  Drain everything together.  Add olive oil, pepper, salt, and enjoy your oh-so-subtle meaty goodness.




this is why i'm hot




~ by Daniel on November 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “You can’t handle this…”

  1. May I suggest a little melted butter and sage on your ravioli next time? I need Francesco to imitate his mamma’s reaction when you tell her you only put olive oil on your ravioli. I still hate her, but anything spoken in an Italian dialect is funny.

  2. Omg. You really have quite the sophisticated palate, don’t you?

  3. Looks riiich!

  4. This makes me want a hot dog *real* bad…

    send me your password, bitch!

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