Yesterday, crazy roommate basically accused me of breaking a (what I think was from IKEA anyway) plate.  Um, I’m 32.  I’m not going to lie to you about breaking a plate.  Get. A. Grip.Lady.

I’m sorry you worked until 9 pm.  But, I was simply enjoying my mound-o’-pasta at the table and for some reason I had to hear a tirade about:  how I’m on the internet too much, how I plugged my computer into the wrong socket, that I use too much toilet paper, that I owe her money, that I left my coke can on the counter. I mean, really.  I had to deal with enough of this crap for years while in America.  We’re both adults, and I refrain from telling you that you’re batshit crazy!

Thank goodness, today was bright and sunny, and I was in a much better mood today.  So I fucked Federico.  Cheers to you all!


~ by Daniel on November 17, 2009.

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