Fried Artichokes

Another guest post from MD’s hubby.   I was lucky enough to be invited to their Italian “Thanksgiving.”  The dinner basically included ridiculously delicious food (such as Fran’s Famous Focaccia, green bean casserole, bacon wrapped turkey meatloaf (!!!), chocolate, and copious amounts of both friends and wine).  Luckily, it did not include American T’giving food, which I quite frankly don’t really like so much.   This recipe is merely for delicious posterity, since peeling and cutting artichokes is WAY too much work for me

Here is the famous meatloaf!  Basically made the same way as the meatballs, but in loaf form, covered in bacon, and cooked in the oven.  MMMMmmmm…




Fried Artichokes




Grated Pecorino

All-purpose Flour

Corn oil


Cut/Peel off the harder outer leaves and stem of the artichokes.

Cut lengthwise into slices approximately 1/2 cm thick.

Soak in lemon water to reduce browning.

Heat corn oil in skillet.

Mix the flour, eggs, cheese, and parsley until you get a batter-like texture.

Coat the artichoke slices in batter and fry in corn oil until golden-brown and delicious.

Eat, Drink, and be Merry!!


~ by Daniel on November 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Fried Artichokes”

  1. I’m gonna need you to crop out that upper arm fat:)

  2. Damn that meatloaf was g-o-o-d!

  3. Maura, you crack me up! And that meatloaf!… I want it right now.

  4. Um, yes, the meatloaf was insanely good. Stupid “manners” kept me from eating all of it….

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