Daytime Date with M.

I had set-up “hanging out” with Michele this past Sunday earlier last week.   I though it best to keep my trip to Genova on the front burner, lest Michele find some other trick he would rather take with him.  Sunday morning brought with it a noon text message asking if I was still in the mood to do something.  Though still full of food from MD’s shindig, and more in the mood to just lay in bed, I accepted.   For once, he actually picked me up in his car, instead of me walking all the way to his apartment, which was nice, but probably done to speed up my getting ready, since I may always be 30 minutes late to everything here…

Luckily, one of the things I like about Michele is that he’s very low-key (see ‘being late’ above).  Does this make up for his lack of a television? Not really, but it makes hanging out easier.  There’s a definite lack of ‘whining’ that permeates most of my american acquaintances.  I also can’t stand it when people get mad at me when they ask “What do you want to do?”   It’s a relationship killer sometimes.  What am I supposed to say?  “Um, I just saw you 8 hours ago, I haven’t had time to plan the next 12 hours with you, because if I wasn’t with you, I would be reading a book. Since you don’t want to also read a book, why don’t you decide?” [yes, that invective was aimed directly at C.D.]

Anyway, Michele already had a plan, and didn’t mind me tagging along.  See how easy that is?  We went to a couple of contemporary art museums that were a bit off the beaten path, and quite fascinating.  I even managed to ‘art’ one-up him (which is difficult) by knowing more about a Jeff Koons sculpture than he did, (specifically that his sculpture was made of stainless steel, not vinyl).

After those two museums, yes, I had to decide on something to do…so I chose the Pinoteca Agnelli atop the Lingotto. Yet another museum.  But like I said, I only have two more weeks to cram as much beauty and culture into my head, before Atlanta begins its ever-present soul sucking and crunching upon my return.  The Pinoteca is its own small building built atop the Lingotto, and called “the flying carpet” due to its metal slatted roof.

The collection itself was only 14 paintings, but included Matisse, Renoir, and Picasso…so one can’t complain.  Another thing I like about Michele is that he has a sense of adventure…of a sort.  We ‘busted out’ of the gallery through a side door, in order to explore the top of the Lingotto at night.  It was beautiful and clandestine…to walk around the roof-top car racetrack, and look down upon the mall-goers below.

After the mall, and the moderately annoying propensity of Italians (including M.) to discuss traffic, and crowds, and xmas, we stopped by his place so I could download some of my fotos off of his camera.  We talked about going to Genova in two weekends, and what to do this upcoming weekend…. I of course still feel guilty about the conversation I will have to have soon about the fact I leave only two days after the trip.  So, I tried to resist the inevitable end to the evening, but Michele is just too good at foreplay. The random hand-holding, the butt-grabbing in the elevator, the well-placed compliment about my new shirt, the teasingly done snuggling on the couch…all drive me crazy.

So I, of course, relented and then strolled home….


~ by Daniel on November 24, 2009.

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