This is why I’m hot – #3

It’s been a lazy few days.  It was cold and rainy as usual, and I just didn’t feel like getting out and about.  Plus, my last few days to myself are quickly coming to an end, and the real world is going to come rushing in soon with nearly unbearable tidal force.  So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

[Oh yes, there is a LOOOONG, emotionally overwrought, philosophical post (in which I even quote ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ TWICE, for goodness sake)  just waiting in the draft folder to be published, and it will be at the very end.  I’m sure you are waiting with bated breath.]

I haven’t even been in the mood to have any sexcapades!  I don’t really even believe in monogamy, but I feel like ‘doin’ it’ when Michele has planned a nice weekend together just feels wrong.  I mean, I am about to seriously break his heart next Monday right before I leave, so I’m feeling guilty enough as it is.   Plus, I think I may have exhausted my supply…I mean, Turin isn’t that big.

Luckily, today dawned bright and sunny!  It was also my last day with a couple of my students, one of which is taking the TOEFL on Friday.   I will miss them both a lot.  They are super-cute, and always concerned about how my life is going here.  Plus, they’ve even improved their TOEFL skills by leaps and bounds, which makes me feel like I made a difference.  The other one broke down in tears in the middle of the lesson because she had just broken up with her boyfriend, and I had asked a speaking question along the lines of “Describe what you think your soulmate is like….”   She had to leave the lesson completely.  It got me thinking about relationships and how much they can hurt just as much as cause joy, and how much the hurting part worries me.  I’ve seen it many (hundreds) of times amongst my friends.  It just worries me.

So, what better way to temper (and quickly forget about) such deeper life and love thoughts than with a shit-ton of chocolate and sugar!  Oh god yes!  So, I bought a Choco-Pass for 12 euro.  Basically it’s a bunch of coupons for free chocolate samples at a bunch of cafes and chocolate shops.  It was a lovely way to continue my long goodbye to Torino:  get incredibly hyped up on caffeine and sugar, practice my meager Italian, get free stuff just because I’m nice (or, one of the proprietors was really bored…), and walk around the city for hours and down some streets I haven’t visited yet.

[quick note here to point out that crazy room-mate is now BLASTING deep house music again, so if the tone of this post goes a bit downhill, it’s because I can’t concentrate]

Don’t believe I was so over-stimulated that I couldn’t think rationally?  Um, look what I bought at the grocery store on the way home, instead of the parmesan cheese I went in for: applesauce (with strawberries!), a big twinkie cake thing because it had Mickey Mouse on it, a coke, and a bottle of wine (I also still had chocolate leftover from my tour).    And no, this was not my dinner! I stuffed it in a cabinet in hopes I would forget about this clear lack of judgement.  I didn’t even eat dinner…because I literally ate so much mexican food last night I had to sleep on my back because I was so distended.

‘Ack!’ you might be thinking.  But, one of the joys of Italy is smaller portion sizes. The mexican feast included: chips and salsa, guacamole, loaded chips, and a quesadilla (and a margarita of course).  However, all the plates were maybe a fourth of what you would get at Taco-Mac.  Hooray for shrunken stomachs!!   Also, hooray for the fact that I was still full today, to the point where all my chocolate was both lunch and dinner….*sigh* only here….

What made the dinner even better was that it was free because one of my students is going to miss me very much  (maybe a bit too much if you know what I mean) and wanted to take me out.

Tomorrow I have lunch with my favorite and dear student, Luca, who I will sadly miss the most.  But, because I’m smart and self-medicating, I saved some Choco-pass coupons for just such a bout of sadness….


~ by Daniel on December 3, 2009.

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