Well, it has certainly been the whirlwind of parties, drinking, baking, seeing my friends (or at least pretending to on Facebook), as well as an insane amount of WORK.  God I hate working, but clearly it’s a necessary evil.

One of the parties was a cookie exchange with an overall winner for best tasting cookie.  I think, if memory serves, this is the 7th or so year of it.

I was quite proud of my baking prowess.  I mean, first of all, I had to do some serious pre-planning (in the midst of the flight cancelling brouhaha) to ensure I bought some duty-free Gianduiotti to put on top to give them their final bit of hazelnutty goodness.  Just LOOK at these babies (click the link for the recipe)!!

First, I lost a “FDNY Jock Strap” during the rousing game of white elephant.  Then, what did all my Italian mojo, Nutella, and gourmet chocolates get me?

Fuckin’ second place.

~ by Daniel on December 19, 2009.

One Response to “Cookies”

  1. Second place, tied with three others… That is.

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