Endgame #2

Ok.  I think I’m done with this blog.  My Italian, overwrought journey of self-discovery is complete.  And it’s time for me to write the book. (It’s called “EAT”…look for it next year)

And, I feel great.

I’ve got more confidence, as evidenced by the 3 phone numbers I’ve gotten, the two random hookups I’ve acquired, and the ability to actually wear items from Urban Outfitters without a sense of irony, and with the mythical “M” tag on them…

I can even cook.  When I feel like it.

Unfortunately, I feel that any continuing discourse from my relatively uninteresting and boring life here in Atlanta sullies the fabulousness and uniqueness that was my time in Italy.  Quite frankly, thinking about my time there makes me sad and happy at the same time, which is confusing to my already addled brain…


So, I’m moving my blog (and the random rated R posts) to here: manhunting.wordpress.com

Therein (when I have time to write thanks to my slave-driving job, no like literally I’m a slave…), you’ll find my usually humourous misadventures in the American dating/hookup world.  For example, the guy who expressed surprised that I was neither straight-edge, nor did I have any tattoos– as though this was simply to be expected.  Or, the guy whose nickname was “Wolfcub,” and who was neither a wolf, nor cub.  But, I suppose it sounds sexier than “Oldfatbear.”

It’ll be funny….and dirty…

Will I find another Michele?  Only time will tell…


I’ll also be reviewing various self-help books (such as “Finding the Boyfriend Within”) just because I think they are hilarious and just wrong.

I’ll post more recipes and random non-man-related stuff here, so subscribe via email (to the right) if you want updates.


~ by Daniel on December 30, 2009.

One Response to “Endgame #2”

  1. I was looking for blogs on Italy and ran across yours…so i decided to take a peek.. I read a lot of YAOI manga..and if you do not know, it is a GAY JAP comic…anyway, …funny/ironic thing is i live in ATlanta tooo. I am female, and not gay, but i like your blog. very witty 🙂

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