Sex, Money, & Work.

Ok, I’m just going to admit it. is like crack for one’s self-esteem.  I’m never going to a bar ever again.  It is of course sorely lacking in Europeans, but one can’t have all they want for Christmas I suppose.

On another note, I am rather pleased by the warm reception to my decision to not buy a bunch of crap for the holiday, and for people to definitely not buy anything for me.  I hate it.  It’s akin to exchanging 20 dollar bills. I can buy my own presents thanks.  (Curse you Urban Outfitters, and your silky smooth t-shirts…!)

On yet another note, a Sbux manager asked me to come work for them.  If any of you see me, please stab me in the eye directly into my frontal cortex, swirl your dagger around again to ensure the success of my lobotomy, remove the implement, and then send me on my way.  Such a lobotomy is needed because I actually thought about it for more than my self-allotted 1.5 seconds of my life I said I would ever spend on the company again.

~ by Daniel on December 19, 2009.

One Response to “Sex, Money, & Work.”

  1. Um, I still like giving presents, but I will just flat out kill you if you go back to Starbucks.

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