Date Night #4 (I think..)

So Saturday was Date Night #4 (I think) with Michele the lawyer.  We were both bored and apparently online at the same time, so I suggested we hang out for a bit, and maybe have a drink and a bite to eat.  I met him at his place, and (since I’m no fool) I wore the sweater he gave me last time we met, which I’m quite sure garnered me some future boyfriend points.

I guess he missed me because he was quite content to snuggle on the couch listening to music…   Yes, yes, snuggling is all well and good, but I really was hungry and getting hungrier by the minute.  But then he decides to engage in  certain activities that make me even hungrier and yet more snuggling in bed.  Again, I enjoy snuggling, but not when I’m hungry, and certainly not when wide-awake and feeling guilty….

Oh yes, dear readers, I know it is quite unlike me, but I am wracked with guilt about the lies I’ve told.  They were so easy to pass from my lips, but keeping them up is getting harder.  For example, Michele wants to take me on a weekend trip.  To his friend’s hillside villa with ocean view.  In Genoa!  From Dec. 5-6.  Do I tell him I am leaving on the 8th, perhaps for good, but at least for a year?  Or do I take the (ridiculously) romantic weekend at face value and basically dump him right after?  I’ll keep you on the edge of your seat until then.  Or, I can use a poll, since I know how to insert them now:

Anyways, after various and sundry “next step” (and at one point painful) activities, I finally put my foot down and proclaimed we were going out.  So we went for a stroll to view some more of the Luci d’Artista that I had not seen…


And then we went to [insert name here when I remember what it was] which is a gorgeous cafe from the 1890’s replete with leather tiled ceiling and bronze columns.  Here we had “cioccolato caldo,” which you may be thinking: yum, hot chocolate.  Oh no…it is a big cup of so-thick-you-must-spoon-it hot chocolate that tastes like warm chocolate pudding and brownie batter mixed together with a hint of almonds causing an orgasmic tingle all the way down to my toes.  Egads!  It was here that I was regaled with stories of the island of Stromboli, adding it to my mental list of places to go.  Then we walked around some more.  I will admit, it is still very cute how excited Michele gets about his city and its architecture, even when it’s beat down and bombed, and had clearly caught on fire at some point…  As we passed near the Mole Antonelliana, and more or less near my house, I pulled away from his grasp and insisted upon going home.  I needed to sleep in my own bed and think.  I also needed to eat as I was still freakin’ starving, and some left over hot dogs were calling my name…..




~ by Daniel on November 16, 2009.

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